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Narconon Fresh Start - Rainbow Canyon Retreat
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Located in the picturesque meadow beneath Rainbow Canyon near Caliente, Nevada is Rainbow Canyon Retreat. Our rural ranch drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is situated on 320 acres and is the ideal location to focus on your personal recovery from addiction. The closest metropolitan city (Las Vegas) is 160 miles away ensuring our clients have a peaceful sanctuary from the many temptations that had previously fueled their destructive actions. Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is often one of the most difficult yet rewarding challenges our clients accomplish in their lives. This is because our long term program focuses on a complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from addiction. For this reason we provide everything necessary so that our clients feel safe and comfortable during their time with us.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat Lodge View PhotoRainbow Canyon Retreat is a former dude ranch and is still home to active cattle and horse grazing land. This is one of the many reasons why our Retreat is often described as a warm and homey environment. The facility is comprised of several buildings, common areas and recreational areas for our clients to utilize after their regular program hours are completed. The main gathering location is our log cabin style house where clients come together to dine, relax, play cards/games or watch movies. We also offer a wide variety of outdoor activities such as volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, swimming and softball depending on the season.

Our clients are provided with many wonderful activities outside their regular program schedule. However, it is our unique cognitive behavioral modification program that fills the greater part of their time and attention; as well as our highly dedicated staff. The staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat is always available to our clients and work to ensure that they are progressing well not only through the program but in all areas of their life.

True Rehabilitation


True rehabilitation means no longer wearing the title of "addict" or "alcoholic." It means that you do not suffer with the "disease of addiction" and can only learn to cope with your drug or alcohol problems. We help our clients rid themselves of a life filled with substance abuse and create a new one filled with direction, purpose and integrity while living drug-free. Our highly regarded cognitive behavioral modification model boasts a 76% success rate of addiction recovery for over 45 years.

We do not base our program on the disease model of drug addiction which believes that the person will always be an addict with an incurable disease. Our program philosophy is rooted in education and learning the ability to locate and confront the many causes and behaviors associated with one's drug addiction. When a person enters our program they come as addicts and alcoholics but through the course of working on their program they become students learning Life Skills and leave truly recovered from their drug addictions.

Magestic View of Rainbow Canyon RetreatOur program program is phenomenal with its many unique phases and course work. Clients achieve a total recovery from their addictions through our New Life Detoxification program and Life Skills courses. The New Life Detoxification program removes the client's physical cravings for drugs and alcohol brought on by the drug residuals left in their body. Once this is completed they are ready to focus on our Life Skills courses working to achieve the cognitive behavioral modification necessary for their future happy drug-free lives. Our program is strategically set up to work step by step to obtain the best results for a lasting recovery.


Location - Our program is located on a former dude ranch and offers breathtaking canyon views while providing a peaceful remote environment. Rainbow Canyon Retreat is located close to the quaint town of Caliente in Southeast Nevada.

Program Length - Our program is unique in many ways. One of these ways is that there is no set program length. We know that recovery from addiction takes as long as it takes for each individual to overcome their personal issues. Graduation from our program generally takes three to four months on average before the student completes all of our courses. When a student is ready to graduate each step of their overall program is reviewed by their case supervisor and they are asked to demonstrate their newly acquired life skills.

Success Rate and Guarantee - Another of the many unique points of our program is our success rate and personal guarantee. We have a high recovery success rate of 76% which is backed by a 6 month guarantee. Our six month guarantee states that if a graduate of our program experiences difficulties with their sobriety within six months after their graduation they are welcome to return for free.

Secular Program - We are a non-religious drug addiction rehabilitation program. For those participants who would like to follow their personal religious beliefs while enrolled in our program we will provide transportation to their respective local places of worship when possible.

Holistic ApproachHolistic Approach - Our program is holistic in its approach to addiction recovery. We do not use drugs or medication to help our clients. Vitamin supplements, nutritious meals and healthy activities are the foundation to our holistic approach.

Relief from Drug and Alcohol Cravings - The New Life Detoxification sauna program works to eliminate drug and alcohol residuals (metabolites) that are stored in the body. When a person abuses drugs and alcohol these metabolites remain in their body once they stop using. When the person becomes stressed these metabolites are released into their blood stream causing cravings, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and even depression. Completion of the New Life Detoxification sauna program will enable the participant to live free of physical compulsions and drug cravings.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy - Our program works to build honesty, responsibility and accountability for your own actions. This is accomplished through a series of educational Life Skills courses, counseling techniques, case supervising and helping each student become self-aware of their behavior.

Social Interaction - Social interaction is a valuable part of our program. Much of our program is based on individual hard work but there are also parts of the program where the students help each other through different areas of the program. What this does is allow them to learn how to be helpful team members and build healthy constructive relationships with others.

Billiard Room - Pool TableSocial Interaction - Social interaction is a valuable part of our program. Much of our program is based on individual hard work but there are also parts of the program where the students help each other through different areas of the program. What this does is allow them to learn how to be helpful team members and build healthy constructive relationships with others.

Activities - There a many healthy activities available at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat such as: a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, weight and exercise area, volleyball, basketball, walking/jogging path, and tennis. We also offer occasional trips into town as well as seasonal flag football and softball leagues.

Legal Liaison Services - For those who come to our program with current or pending legal matters we staff a Legal Liaison Officer (LLO). The Legal Liaison Officer will assist you in handling your legal matters during your program. They have many years of experience in handling probation requirements, court issues and other legal problems. It is the responsibility of the client to handle any court costs, legal representation, fees and travel expenses while enrolled in our program as these costs are not included in the overall program fee.

Medical Liaison Services - We staff a Medical Liaison Officer who will arrange and provide transportation to local doctors and other health care facilities during the time the client is enrolled in the program. The program cost covers a medical physical exam but any additional medical/dental expenses are the responsibility of the client.


We do not refer to our clients as addicts. Instead, we prefer to refer to them as students because through the course of our program they learn how to make the necessary changes in their lives to stop using drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawal -The withdrawal process can be difficult and that is why we staff our program with trained specialists who supervise each client twenty four hours a day during their withdrawal process. Clients are provided with a private, calm environment during their withdrawal along with special withdrawal therapies, nutritious meals, plenty of rest and vitamin supplements.

Life Skills Courses - During these Life Skills courses the students learn how to formulate solutions to assist them in handling life's problems once they leave the program. Their personal progress is monitored by the case supervisor to ensure that their specific needs are met.

Communications Course - This course focuses on training routines (TRs) that help the student confront themselves and others using good communication skills. These valuable skills are used to help them handle the issues they have been avoiding while abusing drugs or alcohol.

New Life Detoxification Program - This part of our program removes the drug residuals left behind by years of drug and alcohol abuse and takes several weeks to complete. It is a vital part of our program because it works to eliminate the cravings for drugs and alcohol on a physical level.

Learning Improvement Course - Many of our students have never learned how to study correctly. The Narconon Fresh Start Learning Improvement Course teaches them to recognize and overcome the common barriers to study. These skills are used throughout the remainder of the program and are beneficial to the graduate once they leave the program and re-enter school or the work force.

Communication & Perception Course - The first part of this course is a higher gradient series of training routines. The second part focuses on objective exercises to rehabilitate the student's self awareness and ability to control their actions and environment.

Ups and Downs in Life Course - This course teaches the student about social and antisocial personalities. Understanding these personality types is vital to their survival once they leave the program. Knowing who is a constructive person vs. a destructive person helps them to choose friends and acquaintances better. Each student is responsible in making the final decision on who they no longer want to associate with when they leave the program. However, our counselors and course supervisors will help guide them in their choices to ensure they fully understand those that wish them harm and those who are there to help once they graduate.

Personal Values and Integrity Course - This course helps our students to take responsibility for their actions through a procedure that releases them from the blame, guilt and regret they have held on to. Completing this course helps them to regain morals, ethics and integrity to make it easy for them to feel good about themselves.

Changing Conditions in Life Course - Working through this course educates the student on the many states of existence (conditions in life). They learn how to raise their condition through applying specific formulas. These lessons can be applied once they graduate the program to help improve their status at home, work or with their friends and community.

Way to Happiness Course - This course holds 21 precepts pertaining to common sense moral codes that when applied to one's life put you on the road to happiness. Example being precept 19, The Golden Rule: "Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you."

Battle Plan - A battle plan is a step by step written guide for the student to apply to their life once they graduate the program. Each student's battle plan is reviewed by both the course supervisor and the case supervisor.

Aftercare Options - After graduating our program there are several different aftercare options available: sober living, volunteering, returning home or entering into our internship program.

Internship Program - Graduates can choose to enter our internship program once they graduate. They pay a nominal fee to stay for three months and receive room and board as well as train in the field of addiction rehabilitation services. Choosing to enroll in this program can reestablish good work ethics, lead to a successful career in the field of drug addiction rehabilitation services or further prepare them for a successful career once they return home.


Family VisitsWe offer suggestions that have been successful for our past clients to help you and your loved one get the most out of our program. These simple guidelines can be used at your discretion. We recommend that you call and speak with our Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for any questions or concerns that may arise at (775) 726-3948. Our staff is trained to notice when a client is becoming re-stimulated during their program. They are also trained on how to get them to calm down so that they can continue working through their program. This is why we suggest that you keep in contact with the Rainbow Canyon Retreat staff on a regular basis.

Our program has several guidelines that we adhere too. One of these is that during the client's withdrawal process we do not allow them to make or receive phone calls. This is because they are adjusting to the program and often experiencing severe addiction withdrawal symptoms. Typically, detoxification lasts anywhere from two to ten days. During this time we ask that you contact our Director or Consultation or Family Consultant for updates on your loved one's progress. When their withdrawal process is complete they will then be able to make and receive phone calls. Once they are able to communicate with you please make sure to keep your conversations supportive and upbeat.

Once their addiction withdrawal is complete you may notice their mood seems much improved. They may even want you to come and visit. We strongly suggest that you wait until their New Life Detoxification sauna program is complete before coming out to visit your loved one. This part of their program is usually completed between four and six weeks after they have arrived. Also, please do not encourage them to return home to visit during their program. It is best that they remain in the program to progress through their course work without interruption. Doing this means that they will be better prepared for situations that may arise when the return home.


Family Consultation CounselorThere are several times during their program that your loved one may encounter obstacles to overcome. When this happens it is not unusual for the student to become irritated and/or irrational and look for reasons to quit the program or return home. If this happens please refer your loved one to speak with our staff. We also ask that you contact Rainbow Canyon Retreat's Director of Consultation or Family Consultant at (775) 726-3948 and let them know about any difficulties your loved one is going through.

Here are some of the more common parts of our program where students experience difficulties:

Addiction Withdrawal: During this phase of the program the client is still addicted to drugs or alcohol and will often say or do anything to get drugs. At this point their addiction is controlling them and their reasoning and complaints are not to be trusted.

The Communication Course: Initially, students do not understand the value of our communication training routines (TRs). Some students even find them frustrating. However, after continued practice they begin to see how the TRs benefit them and help to improve their communication skills.

New Life Detoxification Program (Sauna): Our sauna program has been known to restimulate and trigger our students to experience severe mood swings and cravings. This is because the sauna process is helping to flush out the remaining drug residuals from the student's body. As the sauna program continues the student will begin to feel markedly better. Their skin tone will improve, their sleep will improve and they will feel an improvement in their overall wellbeing.

Communication and Perception Course: This course often seems monotonous to our students because the drills they work on may take them several hours to run before they achieve their end result. However, as challenging as these drill are to work on the lessons learned will benefit them long after they graduate and leave the program.

The Ups and Downs of Life Course: Many students find this course difficult. This is because overcoming suppressive people can be challenging. When the student has completed this course they will have an increased self-confidence and will have learned how to prevent future struggles with relapse.


Positive Results - GraduateEvery year hundreds of students graduate from our program and become productive members of their communities. Our graduates are proud to no longer refer to themselves as addicts. They do not have to attend meetings and are empowered because they know they have the knowledge and skills they need to stay sober.

Graduates of our program not only regain their sobriety,

  • they learn how to communicate better
  • they become comfortable with who they are as a sober person
  • they develop ways to control and take responsibility for their actions
  • they learn the importance and value of honesty
  • they develop the skills necessary to choose the right friends and overcome problems that arise in their daily life without turning to drugs or alcohol


Narconon drug rehabilitation was founded in 1966 by a man named William Benitez. He was inspired to create the program after reading the book The Fundamentals of Thought by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. At the time Mr. Benitez created the Narconon (meaning "no drugs") program he was an inmate in the Arizona prison system. Initially, he used the innovative rehabilitation technology on himself and later decided to create the Narconon program to help his fellow inmates with their addiction problems.

During the early stages of the Narconon programs development it was found that Mr. Benitez's initial prison sentence was wrong and that he could be released with time served. Surprisingly, Mr. Benitez chose to ask for a reduced sentence and remain in the prison system for an additional sixteen months. He did this so that he could continue helping his fellow inmates and further develop the Narconon program.

Once his reduced sentence was completed in 1971, Mr. Benitez created the first Narconon program outside the prison system. It was known as Narconon Los Angeles and overtime it grew into the largest and most successful Narconon group now known as Narconon Fresh Start. Narconon Fresh Start now operates six Narconon Centers spread over four states.

As an additional note on Mr. Benitez we would like to mention that after thoroughly turning his life around he was hired by the Arizona Department of Corrections. Mr. Benitez served as the Hearing Officer on inmate complaints until his passing in 1999.


Rainbow Canyon Retreat
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PHONE: 775-726-3948
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Our Family Reference List gives you the opportunity to hear from others who have sent their loved one to the Narconon Fresh Start program and share with you their honest opinion about their experience first hand.

To request the Family Reference List, please fill out the form below.

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Drug Free Withdrawal:

When a person stops taking drugs such as heroin and alcohol they will often experience some degree of physical discomfort.

Drug Free WithdrawalThis is why we have our clients go through a pre-medical evaluation and give them safe twenty-four hour care to make their withdrawal process as pain free as possible. When a client comes to us with a severe case of addiction withdrawal we direct them to medical detox where they receive the help they need to ease their physical pain. When the client is released from the medical detox facility they return to our program and continue on with our drug-free withdrawal process. Every client enrolled in our program is individually assessed and watched over by our trained detoxification specialists. They assure that each client's detox is as pain free as possible and that their emotional needs are met.

As a person abuses drugs or alcohol their body is drained of important vitamins and minerals.

Our program uses specific nutritional supplements to assist in rebuilding the recovering person from the inside out. While our clients are going through their withdrawal process they are continually monitored by our trained withdrawal specialists until both their physical and mental discomforts are removed.

The Communication Course:

Our communication course is designed to improve our student's communication skills.

Step 2. The Communication CourseThose who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction often have a hard time talking about difficult issues with those around them. The addicted person will tend to withdraw from their friends and family when they are forced to discus sensitive issues. The communication course includes eight different training routines that work on building the student's ability to communicate effectively and resolve problems.

The New Life Detoxification Program:

When a person abuses drugs or alcohol the drug/alcohol metabolites remain in their fatty tissue long after they have stopped using.

Drug and alcohol metabolites are then released into the person's blood stream during stressful times and cause drug cravings, depression as well as many other emotional and physical problems. Our New Life Detoxification Program is a necessary step in ridding the body of these harmful drug and alcohol metabolites. If these metabolites remain in the person's body they are likely to experience re-stimulation and are more likely to relapse.

Sauna Detoxification Program
The New Life Detoxification Program is a medically supervised process of exercise, time spent in our dry sauna and nutritional supplements.

When this process is complete the results are often phenomenal. Students have shared with us that they experience an extreme reduction in their drug cravings or even no cravings for drugs what so ever. They have also noted that their skin tone has improved along with their sleep patterns.

The Learning Improvement Course:

Learning Improvement CourseOur Learning Improvement course helps to increase comprehension and overcome the most common barriers to learning.

Some of the benefits of this course include learning how to "clear" words from the dictionary and physically building realistic demos of concepts to help visualize them better. The second phase of this course addresses the student's ability to achieve their personal goals and regain their self-control.

The Communications And Perceptions Course:

Drugs and alcohol leave the user feeling more introverted and worse once they have worn off.

The Communications and Perceptions course works on helping the student feel comfortable in who they are and how to handle life's everyday problems. Through working on this course the student is brought back to the present and is able to focus on their future.

Communication and Perception COurse

When this course is complete the student is left feeling more in control over themselves and their actions as opposed to feeling like things in life happen to them.

Ups And Downs In Life Course:

Working through our Ups and Downs in Life course gives our students the ability to confront the main problems that caused them to turn to drugs or alcohol and helps them handle their present issues as well.

Ups and Downs in Life CourseIn this course we go over social and anti-social characteristics in others as well as themselves and help the student recognize situations that may be harmful to their sobriety once they have completed the program. When this course is complete the student is able to objectively choose people in their life who are helpful and those who wish them harm. They will have learned the skills necessary to handle negative influences and make healthy choices about who they associate with once they return home.

This was a wonderful book. It really helped me take a good look at my life and at myself. It helped me to learn how to handle people and pick the right ones in my life. I feel so lucky and so much better now that I have had a chance to get everything that was built up in my life off of my chest, lifting so much weight off me. I now know how to choose people. It is so awesome to be able to really confront and take a look at my past life and see how I screwed it all up. To see the effects of everything and then be able to actually take responsibility for what I have done not only to myself but to my family and friends. I feel great. Thank you so much for all of your help!


Personal Values And Integrity Course:

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol they often find themselves doing and saying things that they would not have if they were sober or not desperate for their next high.

Overtime they lose their sense of personal integrity and often resort to committing crimes and lying to those around them. While these misdeeds are left unaddressed the student is plagued with hostility, communication problems, resentment and feeling uncomfortable around others.

Personal Values and Integrity CourseAn addicted person develops what is known as a "drug personality." This is a chemical personality created by their drug abuse. This drug personality secretly harbors hostilities and hatred to others that they would not normally show on the surface when they are sober. Our program has created an entire section of the Personal Values and Integrity course to address this specific issue. During this course the student is given the chance to clear their conscience of their past transgressions and hurtful actions by taking full responsibility for the things they have done in their past. The course teaches the student a code of honor to live by and focuses on the importance of being honest in their lives.
"I feel very confident in myself. I have drive and intention to work and get things done right the first time. I am very comfortable with my life and content with the way things are going. I will be ethical and moral and have integrity. I know I am a good person inside. Book 6 has helped me realize that things aren't that bad and that I can be happy for once. This book showed me things to do and not to do. I feel that I have learned so much. I completely understand and am applying what I have been studying. I will continue to improve more and more and will not go back to drugs or let people bring me down!"


Changing Conditions in Life Course:

Changing Conditions in Life CourseThis course gives our students the ability to objectively evaluate and improve their personal condition, their condition with those they love, and their condition in the other areas of their life. Through working on this course they learn that any condition can be changed if the right approach is taken.

"I had many realizations in this book, I realized how selfish I had been throughout my addiction and how my exchange with my family as well as society was very one sided. I learned roadmaps (formulas) on how to get out of problem situations as well as how to be able to become successful in life or any endeavor in which I choose. Most importantly I realized that I needed to make up damage to myself, my family and society in order to propel my sobriety. I had been to too many rehabs before and like always I just 'took' what they offered me and selfishly walked out the door and wondered why I failed. Before this program I had always been a taker and after learning and applying this book I realized that in order for me to rise in life I need to give before I can receive. This book ties in all the prior books of this program and gave me a complete understanding of myself and for the first time in my life I feel confident about my future."


The Way To Happiness Book - A Common Sense Guide To Better Living

The Way To Happiness Course:

We often live life through trial and error wishing there was a better way to solve the daily problems that arise. The Way to Happiness Course gives the student a common sense moral code that they can apply to their daily life to make living drug and alcohol free that much easier..

"I feel as if now I am truly on my way to happiness. I have many times in my life gone down the wrong road. The beautiful thing about traveling down the wrong road is that I now know what the wrong road is. My decisions before were influenced by others. I can now once again think for myself and choose the right path to go down in my life. This is a huge win for me. A kind of bittersweet win, knowing that I am becoming stronger, but also knowing there are many out there in the world today that still need help. I wish everyone could feel as good as I do now, and I will continue feeling this way about myself."
Thank you sincerely.


Final Program Review:

Final Program ReviewThere are two steps to our Final Program Review:

1. The student is given a comprehensive review of the program to asses if they have thoroughly gained the expected abilities needed to graduate.

2. The student creates a life plan to help them once they graduate and return to their daily life. Their life plan will incorporate key points from their entire program and is reviewed by their case supervisor. This second step ensures that the graduate will have the greatest chance of returning home and living a drug-free and ethical life.

Follow Up Program:

Follow Up ProgramWe offer a comprehensive long-term follow-up program for our graduates.

This is accomplished through regular communication with the graduate and their family. We monitor and help to handle any issues to their sobriety once they have graduated and left the program. Our program also offers a six month guarantee after graduation. This six month guarantee states that if one of our graduates is struggling with sobriety they may return to our treatment facility for an advanced treatment review free of charge for up to six months after they have graduated from our program.


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